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We strive to reply back to your e-mails within atleast 48 hours.
For important queries please write ”important” in the e-mail subject.

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ul. Tsar Kaloyan 31, et. 4, 8000, Burgas, Bulgaria

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Whenever you want to order a custom script, you can do this and we will make a timeframe. Usually we will deliver your custom script within 1-2 weeks (depending on the workload).

Usually within 1-2 weeks since the order has been paid for we will finish your custom script and reach out to you to describe how to fully use the script.

Please reachout to us by e-mailing and let us know what the bug is (please send additional information in the form of attachments).

* Soon we will add more questions to our FAQ.
Right now we’re seeing what questions we can place here.
For additional questions, please reachout to